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Call the Governor and ask him to support legislation that PROTECTS our children and not REPEAT offenders. 617.725.4005.

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Tell Governor Deval Patrick to stop playing games with our children's lives. ... We do NOT want more future Melissa's Bills added because he chose to protect REPEAT offenders and pedophiles. How many more children have to maimed, abused, or killed for protections to be put in place for them.?


To oppose bills like Melissa's Bill so he can give judges MORE "discretion"?


We have seen what "judicial discretion" has done for victims of abuse in family courts and now he wants it in criminal courts? .... It has allowed victims to continue to be abused by the very system designed to protect them at an escalating epidemic unprecedented cost to Massachusetts’s taxpayers.


Reported child abuse has doubled in Massachusetts since he became Governor. Who is Deval protecting? Victims or abusers?

Call the Governor's office and ask him to support legislation that PROTECTS our citizens and children and not the offenders. 617.725.4005.


For more information about MASO and the research we are currently conducting on domestic abuse in the legal system, health care system as well the socioeconomic impacts by failing to stop abuse, please visit our website at or our facebook page at

Raffle and Silent Auction Items

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Below is a list of our raffle items and silent auction items for our upcoming fundraising event on June 14, 2012 in Quincy, MA. You do not have to be present to participate. Authorizations for bidding and raffle ticket purchases can be made in advance.  Please contact us for details. Items include the following:



  • #1 - Oil Painting titled "North River" by local artist Katherine Bennett. The painting measures 11 by 14 inches unframed, and about 16 by 20 inches framed. (Value $400).  Bio:  Katherine Bennett is a single mother of four who grew up in a family of painters, but shelved her early passion for paintingto raise young children and build a life. She currently writes the column"Changing Lanes" for the Hingham Journal in addition to acceptingfreelance work. Her love of oil painting was reignited as a means of healing from trauma. Thememories are in the past, but the gift of having painting as a means ofexpression remains. Currently, Katherine studies with William St George (of StGeorge Gallery, Boston) and accepts commissions for both portraits andlandscapes. She can be reached at [email protected]  

Starting bid: $150.00  ~ TO BID REMOTELY, Please click here.

RAFFLE ITEMS - Ticket prices are as $5.00 each or three (3) for $10.00 OR ten (10) for $20.00. Absentee raffle purchases, please list item in which you want your raffles to go to. Those who are present, may place their purchased tickets in the bucket of your choice. 

  • Raffle Item #1 - Ticket to Ride by South Shore native and local DonHussey (Value $18.95) - In this unflinchingly honest memoir, military man,public school teacher, successful entrepreneur and candidate for the U.S.Congress Don Hussey describes in rich detail how he outwitted the odds to bringhome his “ticket to ride.”  For everyobstacle, he found a solution and moved on…until one day in 1965 when he wasstopped cold in his tracks, confronted by the one accident of fate that no onecould ever be prepared for. How he responded to it is the triumph overadversity that has come to define him.  website.

  • Raffle Item #2 – Kinerase Skin Care package by MedSpaNew England, LLC.  Kinerase Skin Cleanser, Anti-aging samplings, and travel bag. (Value $50)  Kinease® is a science-based cosmetic product that helps skin look and feel smoother, younger and healthier. Kinerase is made with the synthetic plant growth factor, N6-furfuryladenine, which has been shown to slow the changes that naturally occur in the cell-aging process in plants. Kinerase helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and, at the same time, provides superior moisturization for all skin types. Kinerase is available in cream or lotion formulations and is both non-comedogenic (so Kinerase won't clog your pores) and hypoallergenic (so Kinerase is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction). Website

  • Raffle Item #3 - One Half hour reiki session with Laura Healing With Spirit and Two FREE Yoga Classes at Open Doors - Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing modality that is natural non-invasive and promotes healing. It is primarily used for stress reduction and relaxation, but is all effective in relieving pain, depression, and panic disorders.  Reiki is also assists in promoting the healing of fractures as well as alleviating many other physical and emotional challenges.  For more information, please visit her website. (Value $35)  The Open Doors approach to the practice of yoga is built around health on many levels. We understand that people experience changes throughout their lives and that yoga is one vehicle that can drive change down a positive path. Open Doors remains a solid organization which continues with the original vision of its founder, established nearly twenty years ago. Website.  

  • Raffle Item #4 - 30 minute reading with with Laura Healing With Spirit.  Readings can be either tarot card readings or mediumship readings.  For more information, please visit her website. (Value $45)

  • Raffle Item #5 - $25 Gift Card to the Clam Box - Located on Wallaston Beach in Quincy, the Clam Box has been a local favorite since 1968. They are a casual restaurant where you can eat in or take out.  Enjoy their famous clams, large selection of seafood, chicken, steak tips, burgers, hot dogs and more! Beer and wine also available for dine in patrons. Website

  • Raffle Item #6 - 40 Minute life reading by Rev. Rita Berkowitz - (value $140) - Rita has impressed large audiences throughout the world. She is the author of "Empowering Your Life With Angels" and co-author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Communicating with Spirits".  The Life reading - Collaborating between your guides and hers, Rita will use the tarot to format a reading about your past, present, and future life. Website

  • Raffle Item #7 - $25 Gift Card to The Fours Restaurant.  - The Four's Restaurant and Sports Bar has been a Boston Tradition since 1976. One of the country's first sports pubs, The Four's is known for fine food and great service. Voted the #1 Sports Bar by Sports Illustrated. With locations in Boston, Norwell and Quincy. Website


  • Raffle Item #8 - Sea Inspired soaps and Lotions by Back Porch Soap, Co.  Value $50 - Back Porch Soap Co. was founded in 1998 by Marla Bosworth, retail and beauty industry expert and analyst. She is a Massachusetts resident who is inspired daily by life in and around Duxbury Bay, Cape Cod and anywhere her travels take her.  About Marla's products: every bath and body product on our website is handmade by Back Porch Soap Co.. They use the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world. They import shea butter from Ghana, West Africa; essential oils from Indonesia and Bulgaria; and their gift sets use natural, sustainable, packaging solutions that supports small businesses in Thailand. All of their products are completely vegan ~ and they do not test on animals - and they use organic ingredients when available. Website


  • Raffle Item #9 - Two FREE Psychic Readings at Open Doors - Open Doors began as a small metaphysical book & gift store and learning in 1992, located in Braintree, MA. Founder Richard Lanza, was a practicing psychic, energy healer, and acupuncturist for many years and sought to create a center where individuals could find a safe and comfortable haven to explore non-traditional pathways for personal growth and transformation. The center sold holistic products, as well as offering free energy healing sessions, intuitive readings, drumming circles, and Kundalini yoga classes. Website

  • Raffle Item #10 -  Tastefully Simple Gourmet Food Basket (Value $114.99) - Bountiful Beer Bread Mix-value pack; Garlic Garlic; Onion Onion; Seasoned Salt; Balsamic & Basil Dipping Oil; Essential 4 Recipe Booklet; Bring the Party (Sunny Strawberry Margarita Mix - add water & tequila & freeze; Giddy Up Guacamole Mix; & rimming sugar); Italian Garlic Bread Seasoning;  Bayou Bourbon Glaze;  29 Minute Citrus Marinade;  Honey Apple Grill Sauce & Garden Veggie Dip Mix.


ABC's Of Overcoming Fear and Healing From Abuse

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These come from years as a survivor of abuse. Moving from victim to survivor is quite important as a part of healing.I am thankful for all those who passed in my life over the past 5yrs. I'll never forget this statement "People come into your life for a reason, a moment, a day, a season, or a lifetime" My blogs started out from personal experiences & grown into my professional experiences. Thank you for coming by & PLEASE leave your comments.


Please visit Blogger for full article

Domestic Abuse and Health

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Here you will find medical studies on various subjects surrounding child abuse & domestic violence including the medical community's failure to protect children & their mothers from abuse, health consequences of domestic violence as well as the medical community failure to diagnose. This systemic problem has serious negative affect on court, criminal,& custody proceedings which has had a huge negative affect on our society, future & protection of our children and economics

Please visit Blogger for complete list of articles and studies.

13 Families Violated by ONE Massachusetts Family Court Judge and growing

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Help us help you ... Please take our Massachusetts Protective Parent Survey

Right now there have been 13 families that have come forward desperately seeking help and for justice.  In Massachusetts, the system is failing to protect mothers and children from abuse and corruption is widespread.

Why 13? Why not? There are many many more cases but I do not have their information. Some are too afraid. Some we don’t know. There is NO transparency in the Massachusetts family courts with certain judges granting custody to well documented abusers - judges who abuse discretion, abuse their power for personal agenda and for abusers to continue their domestic abuse by proxy and commit moral turpitude8. I am sure with an audit or investigation, you will find thousands of victims.

Why 13?  They are cases that came to us and fell in our lap. ALL share close similarities that reflect patterns of a systemic bias against victims of abuse. There are so many more cases in Massachusetts in general, but because there is NO transparency in family court, not to mention the repercussions to our own families we have endured as a result of the little information we have gathered so far.


Here is a bullet outline of what is happening in Massachusetts to hopefully make it easier to understand.  Abusers have a canny way of muddying the waters so the average person, can't see what is in front of them:

What do these cases share?

  • About The judge
  • Other Massachusetts Facts
  • Why me? 
  • How I got involved
  • About me outside my case
  • Resources and More Information

Please visit Blogger for the complete article

Massachusetts Protective Parents Survey

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You are invited to participate in a study of "protective parents," that is, parents who have encountered difficulties in child custody cases after attempting to protect their children from abuse.


There is evidence of an increase in negative labeling of parents who report child abuse or domestic violence.  Several high profile cases have led to increased public attention to this problem, and debates have erupted between groups supporting alleged perpetrators of abuse, and groups supporting the reporting parents.


This questionnaire is part of a national survey by M.A.S.S.O.  The goal of the study is to document and explore the phenomenon of parents attempting to protect their children.  The survey includes a range of allegations; a variety of types of expert examinations, diagnoses and testimony;  responses by family court and other agencies; and outcomes for the children.


Your participation will help make this study a success.  Your participation is completely voluntary, and you may choose to complete the questionnaire either anonymously or on a confidential basis.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please exclude all personal information at the top of the survey.


If you are willing to include personal identifying information, this information will remain confidential, in a locked file, accessible only to the directors of the study. You may indicate at the end of the questionnaire if you are willing to be contacted to provide further information or clarification, or be included in the next phase of the study that will include a more detailed review of selected cases.  You will not be contacted unless you

give permission, and then only by the investigators of the study, as the information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.


This questionnaire asks detailed questions about your custody case. The answers to all questions are voluntary and you may discontinue completion of the questionnaire if you find recalling the information to be too emotionally distressing.  If you wish to discuss feelings that may arise during completion of the survey with a support person, you may contact us through Facebook.


Thank you for your assistance in this important study.

Please visit Facebook to complete the study or click here to take it directly. Please have your court information such as docket number handy.  Thank you.

Massachusetts Resources For Victims of Abuse

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Please visit our blogger page for a list of resources for organizations fighting for victims of abuse in Massachusetts.

Some provide services. Some provide advocacy.  Some are working with larger organizations on the problem of abuse as a whole.

There are national organizations, Massachusetts organizations, & Massachusetts legal information.

Massachusetts Failing Victims of Abuse

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This blog will highlight various issues in Massachusetts and the way the state handles domestic abuse ultimately failing to protect the littlest of voices - our children. Issues include Family Court or with state agencies such as Department of Children and Families. We will also highlight success strategies, news highlights, research, and healing for abuse victims as well.

MOTTO: "Alone we are weak ... Together we are strong." - M.A.S.O. -

Please visit our Blogger page for listing of blogs