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Posted by MASO on November 5, 2012 at 7:40 AM

By: MASO Staff November, 5, 2012


Tomorrow is an important and possibly a historic election day.


When going to the voting booth tomorrow, we at MASO, ask you not to vote by the party lines but by the deeds of the candidate you are voting for. Please make sure to consider voting for a candidate who has worked or will work to protect children and victims of abuse.


Yes ... the economy is greatly important, and the current study we are working on will prove that if you want to fix the economy so drastic cuts are not made to programs such as Medicare ... so the deficit will balance out ... and social welfare programs will be reduced not by cuts but by fixing the way Family Court handles domestic abuse cases in the courtroom which is bankrupting this country.


We must change the culture of abuse. How do we do that? It starts by who we elect.


Choose a candidate who does not minimize or normalize abuse as many in our society do including family court judges. A couple years ago, when Jeff Perry was running for Congress, there was a huge controversy over his alleged involvement with his officer sexually assaulting a young 14 year old girl.


We heard many decent bystanders say things like "well it happened 20 years ago, things change." Our argument is this "If it were your daughter, would you still be voting for this man?" ... We guarantee NOT. People like Perry would be making decisions on issues such as VAWA, and other protections for children and victims of abuse.


If you have not seen the interview with the Family Court Judge Salcido of California with FOX News LA, it is a must watch before you vote. "Children Lost In System" is a series of news stories by FOX LA and the interview of the whistleblower former Family Court Judge Salcido. Judge Salcido speaks out admitting she made a mistake and speaks out about the million dollar industry of how abused mothers and children in Family Court by default are to give abusers custody.




Survivors of abuse, especially children, often have difficulty accessing health care, healing services, economic assistance, affordable housing, and especially the legal help to protect and advocate for them against abuse.


The economic consequences of not safeguarding our children and victims against abuse in our society cause devastation costing us much more every day than the cost of working to prevent them and to support victims and their children.


Who we elect matters. Our elected officials make daily decisions about various policies and funding priorities that affect the welfare, safety, dignity and liberty of all victims of abuse including our most vulnerable, our children.



  •  In 2010, nearly 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men in MA have ever experienced sexual violence victimization other than rape. *
  • Nearly 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men in MA have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lives. * 
  • More than 1 in 7 women have experienced rape.
  • Reported child abuse has doubled in Massachusetts in last 10 years since Gov. Duval Patrick has been in office.
  • Eleven percent (11%) of high school students and six percent (6%) of middle school students reported being physically hurt by a date sometime in their life.*
  • Nearly, 7.8 million women in the U.S. have been raped by an intimate partner at some point in their lives. *
  • 201,394 women in the U.S. are raped by an intimate partner every year.* 
  • Economic costs of intimate partner violence exceeds $5.8 Billion each year, $4.1 Billion for direct medical and mental health services every year.** 
  • 56% report being late for work due to tactics by batterers.***


Ask yourself how a candidate's positions will have an impact on the safety, dignity and liberty of all victims of abuse ... especially our children who rarely have a voice.


According to Protect Mass Children, the following Legislators STRONGLY and CONSISTANTLY support child protection legislation****:

  1. Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr
  2. Senator Sal DiDomenico
  3. Senator Robert Hedlund
  4. Senator Brian Joyce
  5. Senator John Keenan
  6. Senator Michael Knapik
  7. Senator Richard Ross
  8. House Minority Leader Bradley Jones
  9. Representative Paul Adams
  10. Representative Donald Wong 
  11. Representative Jay Barrows
  12. Representative Richard Bastien
  13. Representative Carlo Bastile
  14. Representative Matthew Beaton
  15. Representative Nick Collins
  16. Representative Edward Coppinger 
  17. Representative Linda E Dean Campbell
  18. Representative Geoff Diehl
  19. Representative James Dwyer
  20. Representative Paul Frost
  21. Representative Kevin Kuros
  22. Representative Steven Levy
  23. Representative Marc Lombardo
  24. Representative Shaunna O'Connell
  25. Representative George Peterson
  26. Representative Elizabeth Poirer
  27. Representative George Ross
  28. Representative Joyce Spiliotis
  29. Representative Daniel Webster


The following Legislators were polled and supported some legislation and assisted with the sponsorship of Bill to eliminate statute of limitations for child sex abuse. NOTE: Senators listed are original sponsors, but due to lack of resources, the Senate was not polled after initial sponsorship for support:

  1. Representative Adams, Paul (R)
  2. Representative Andrews, Denise (D)
  3. Representative Arciero, James (D)
  4. Representative Ashe, Brian (D)
  5. Representative Atkins, Cory (D)
  6. Representative Ayers, Bruce (D)
  7. Representative Balser, Ruth (D)
  8. Representative Barrows, F. (R)
  9. Representative Basile, Carlo (D)
  10. Representative Beaton, Matthew (R)
  11. Representative Benson, Jennifer (D)
  12. Representative Binienda, John (D)
  13. Representative Bradley, Garrett (D)
  14. Representative Brady, Michael (D)
  15. Representative Cabral, Antonio (D)
  16. Representative Calter, Thomas (D)
  17. Representative Campbell, Linda Dean (D)
  18. Representative Canavan, Christine (D)
  19. Representative Cariddi, Gailanne (D)
  20. Representative Chan, Tackey (D)
  21. Representative Coakley-Rivera, Cheryl (D)
  22. Representative Conroy, Thomas (D)
  23. Representative Coppinger, Edward (D)
  24. Representative Cusack, Mark (D)
  25. Representative D'Emilia, Angelo (R)
  26. Representative deMacedo, Viriato (R)
  27. Representative Dempsey, Brian (D)
  28. Representative Devers, Marcos (D)
  29. Representative Diehl, Geoff (R)
  30. Representative DiNatale, Stephen (D)
  31. Representative Durant, Peter (R)
  32. Representative Dwyer, James (D)
  33. Representative Ehrlich, Lori (D)
  34. Representative Farley-Bouvier, Tricia (D)
  35. Representative Fattman, Ryan (R)
  36. Representative Ferguson, Kimberly (R)
  37. Representative Ferrante, Ann-Margaret (D)
  38. Representative Fox, Gloria (D)
  39. Representative Fresolo, John (D)
  40. Representative Galvin, William (D)
  41. Representative Garballey, Sean (D)
  42. Representative Gobi, Anne (D)
  43. Representative Golden, Thomas (D)
  44. Representative Haddad, Patricia (D)
  45. Representative Harrington, Sheila (R)
  46. Representative Henriquez, Carlos (D)
  47. Representative Hill, Bradford (R)
  48. Representative Hogan, Kate (D)
  49. Representative Holmes, Russell (D)
  50. Representative Honan, Kevin (D)
  51. Representative Hunt, Randy (R)
  52. Representative Jones, Bradley (R)
  53. Representative Kafka, Louis (D)
  54. Representative Kane, Michael (D)
  55. Representative Kaufman, Jay (D)
  56. Representative Keenan, John (D)
  57. Representative Khan, Kay (D)
  58. Representative Koczera, Robert (D)
  59. Representative Kuros, Kevin (R)
  60. Representative Lawn, John (D)
  61. Representative Levy, Steven (R)
  62. Representative Lewis, Jason (D)
  63. Representative Linsky, David (D)
  64. Representative Lombardo, Marc (R)
  65. Representative Madden, Timothy (D)
  66. Representative Mahoney, John (D)
  67. Representative Mariano, Ronald (D)
  68. Representative Mark, Paul (D)
  69. Representative McMurtry, Paul (D)
  70. Representative Miceli, James (D)
  71. Representative Murphy, Kevin (D)
  72. Representative Nangle, David (D)
  73. Representative O'Connell, Shaunna (R)
  74. Representative O'Day, James (D)
  75. Representative Orrall, Keiko (R)
  76. Representative Parisella, Jerald (D)
  77. Representative Peake, Sarah (D)
  78. Representative Peisch, Alice (D)
  79. Representative Peterson, George (R)
  80. Representative Petrolati, Thomas (D)
  81. Representative Pignatelli, William (D)
  82. Representative Poirier, Elizabeth (R)
  83. Representative Provost, Denise (D)
  84. Representative Puppolo, Angelo (D)
  85. Representative Rogers, John (D)
  86. Representative Rosa, Dennis (D)
  87. Representative Ross, George (R)
  88. Representative S?nchez, Jeffrey (D)
  89. Representative Scaccia, Angelo (D)
  90. Representative Scibak, John (D)
  91. Representative Sciortino, Carl (D)
  92. Representative Smith, Stephen (D)
  93. Representative Smizik, Frank (D)
  94. Representative Smola, Todd (R)
  95. Representative Speliotis, Theodore (D)
  96. Representative Spiliotis, Joyce (D)
  97. Representative Stanley, Thomas (D)
  98. Representative Straus, William (D)
  99. Representative Sullivan, David (D)
  100. Representative Swan, Benjamin (D)
  101. Representative Timilty, Walter (D)
  102. Representative Toomey, Timothy (D)
  103. Representative Torrisi, David (D)
  104. Representative Turner, Cleon (D)
  105. Representative Vieira, David (R)
  106. Representative Walsh, Chris (D)
  107. Representative Walsh, Martin (D)
  108. Representative Walz, Martha (D)
  109. Representative Webster, Daniel (R)
  110. Representative Winslow, Daniel (R)
  111. Representative Wolf, Alice (D)
  112. Representative Wong, Donald (R)
  113. Senator Brewer, Stephen (D)
  114. Senator Brownsberger, William (D)
  115. Senator Candaras, Gale (D)
  116. Senator Clark, Katherine (D)
  117. Senator Creem, Cynthia (D)
  118. Senator Downing, Benjamin (D)
  119. Senator Fargo, Susan (D)
  120. Senator Flanagan, Jennifer (D)
  121. Senator Hedlund, Robert (R)
  122. Senator Knapik, Michael (R)
  123. Senator McGee, Thomas (D)
  124. Senator Moore, Michael (D)
  125. Senator Moore, Richard (D)
  126. Senator Ross, Richard (R)
  127. Senator Spilka, Karen (D)


As a society, we must learn to protect the victim and not the offending abuser. "Alone we are weak ... Together we are strong.”


For More Information:

MASO ~ Massachusetts Survivors Outreach

Research ~ Advocating ~ Holistic Healing For Victims of Abuse


Email: [email protected]


Facebook: http/




 * Data compiled from Jane Doe Inc., the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey.

** Centers of Disease Control 2003

*** Swanberg and Logan 2005

**** DISCLAIMER (MASO does not and cannot make endorsements of candidates, we nonetheless work closely with other abuse organizations as well as various branches of government at the state and federal levels) Information supplied by Protect Mass Children.

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