13 Families Violated by ONE Massachusetts Family Court Judge and growing

Posted by MASO on September 10, 2011 at 3:40 PM

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Right now there have been 13 families that have come forward desperately seeking help and for justice.  In Massachusetts, the system is failing to protect mothers and children from abuse and corruption is widespread.

Why 13? Why not? There are many many more cases but I do not have their information. Some are too afraid. Some we don’t know. There is NO transparency in the Massachusetts family courts with certain judges granting custody to well documented abusers - judges who abuse discretion, abuse their power for personal agenda and for abusers to continue their domestic abuse by proxy and commit moral turpitude8. I am sure with an audit or investigation, you will find thousands of victims.

Why 13?  They are cases that came to us and fell in our lap. ALL share close similarities that reflect patterns of a systemic bias against victims of abuse. There are so many more cases in Massachusetts in general, but because there is NO transparency in family court, not to mention the repercussions to our own families we have endured as a result of the little information we have gathered so far.


Here is a bullet outline of what is happening in Massachusetts to hopefully make it easier to understand.  Abusers have a canny way of muddying the waters so the average person, can't see what is in front of them:

What do these cases share?

  • About The judge
  • Other Massachusetts Facts
  • Why me? 
  • How I got involved
  • About me outside my case
  • Resources and More Information

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